Welcome to my greatest creations!

Here you will find my games, apps, programs and other content that I've created throughout my career and future releases!

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Game currently in development:

Surrealist adventure narrated through dream exploration!

The game introduces multiple worlds, characters, items that can be collected in the dream world and used for various purposes, but mostly helping with exploration and advancement through the narrative.

Horror Adventure Surrealist

Currently under development using Unity Engine.


Mobile/tablet and virtual reality apps, open source code library and bots.

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CDK - Chris Development Kit

Useful tools to speed up the development of core mechanics in Unity.
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The code is shared between all my projects and it is actively updated!

Discord bot Preview

Discord Bot in Rust: Utsuki

Entertainment and moderation Discord bot written in Rust with automated build and deploy proccess using a self hosted Github Action
Check source code

  • Face 3D - Mobile App

Developed by Doctors in the field of Dentistry, the Face 3D application allows the user to deeply explore the relationships of the various parts of the facial anatomy.

In this app I helped with C# programming, UI implementation and creating an in-app quiz at Freddy Bear Games.

  • Beetools - Mobile/Tablet and Virtual Reality Apps

English school that uses a mobile application for teaching material, monitoring students, teachers and virtual reality in physical schools for interactive stories.

In these applications I helped in C# programming, UI implementation and developing Virtual Reality gamification application, support and maintenance.


The latest first, desktop and mobile games from personal projects to games for events, gamejams and during university!

Elden Evil: Sabs Die Twice

Souls like Adventure Horror FPS Comedy Story
After Nosferaty coldly shot his girlfriend Li, Sabs seeks answers about what happened on an island in Assaré-CE
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Souls like game with a lot of memes, intense boss battle, more than one playing character, each one with unique playstyle, and a lot of cutscenes and plot-twists.

Game developed in 6 weeks in May 2023 using Unity that I made together with my friends at Discord as a birthday present! The third entry in Mashnikov Franchising


Assassin's Nanner: Zero Dawn

Adventure Horror FPS Comedy Story
Nanner loses contact with Mashnikov and must escape with his childhood friend Naomi during the event in Ourinhos.

Narrative-focused game with multiple cutscenes and even professional voice acting.

Game developed in 4 weeks in August 2021 using Unity that I made together with my friends at Discord as a birthday present!



FPS Comedy Action
The world is being dominated by streamers wanting to make an army of zombie viewers, soldier Mashnikov is summoned to eradicate the epicenter of the epidemic in Ourinhos-SP.
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Birthday game made in 2 weeks in July 2021 using Unity that I made together with friends from Discord!

HappyBirthday Preview


Adventure Plataform 2D
Nellfs is in a world where every character, sound, environment and interaction reminds you of special moments spent with friends.
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Game made in 12 hours with the help of friends from Discord!

A Casa Desconhecida

A Casa Desconhecida (The Unknown House)

Horror Comedy Adventure
On the night of July 4, 1753, Edward woke up in an unfamiliar house...
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Game made in 72 hours, combines psychological horror with comedy, containing voice acting and original characters.


Killer Shapeshifters

2 players Strategy
Assassinate the other player without him finding you and killing you first... Playing on the same screen and the same keyboard!
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You must find yourself and at the same time find your enemy

  • Player 1 walk using "W A S D" and kills using "F"
  • Player 2 walks on the Arrow Keys and kills with "Number Zero"
  • ParaVc Preview

    For you - An especial game

    Horror Plataform 2D
    A brief experiment on overcoming yourself.
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    This game was made for someone very special to me.

    She had depression, although I am not an expert on the subject, I did my best to create an experience and bring a positive message after the journey.

    It can be finished in 3 minutes or hours, although some people couldn't finish the game.



    Horror Action Top View
    The objective is to survive as long as possible.
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    Game made for a contest. At the time there was an outbreak of the Zica Virus in a region of Brazil, the game takes place as if the vaccine had gone wrong and turned people into monsters.



    Adventure Comedy
    You are now in purgatory and must go through the 7 trials and overcome the 7 sins!
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    Despite being a very simple game, it has 3 endings and voice acting for each of the 7 characters!


    Point of Light

    Horror Top view
    Get to the end of the maze before your light goes out!
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    You control a point of light that needs to reach the end of the maze.

    Serious Games

    Made with a focus on educational content through gamification.

    Philosophers (19th Century Ideologies)

    "Pensadores" - 19th Century Ideologies

    Educational Point and Click
    Project made for the company IMAGO.
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    A simple point and click browser game telling more about philosophers through gamification, made in Construct 2.


    Favelas - The reality in Brazilian favelas

    Educational Point and Click
    Project made for the company IMAGO.
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    Another simple point and click browser game telling more about reality in Brazilian favelas using gamification, made in Construct 2.

    A Pauta É Sua (Jornalismo) Preview

    A Pauta É Sua

    Educational Point and Click
    Project made with the PUCPR journalism class.
    Play online now

    Browser game where each topic must have related words on the right side of the screen, made in Construct 2.


    A View to a Kill (powered by Tobii Eye Tracking technology)

    Comedy Accessibility
    Project made to play using Tobii Eye Tracking (control using the eyes).
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    Tobii Eye Tracking is a camera that reads precisely where on the screen the person is looking, this information can and was used in the game. In the game your character has a super power to release lasers through his eyes, the goal is to defeat enemies by looking at them but not looking at civilians.

    Content Creation

    Creation of entertainment and educational audiovisual content

    Youtube Channel

    "Chris Jogos Digitais" on Youtube

    Youtube channel where I create videos since 2016 talking about my journey in the Faculty of Digital Games at PUCPR.

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    I also often do Lives showing the development of my projects.

    Twitch Channel

    CHRISdbhr on Twitch

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    Just like on Youtube, I do Live-streams showing the development of my project.

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    Active since 2016, it's a place where everyone can come and talk about art, games, development, life, food or just having a good time together.

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